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Do you think that political compass memes are lazy and low effort?


One of the laziest bits of armchair "analysis" is the political compass meme. It's used to quickly and superficially classify a person's opinions on a variety of issues without careful consideration. Everything from the most agreeable progressive to the most racist Neo-Nazi could be classified under the radical left or radical right on many of these, for example.

It's also a lazy way of pigeonholing people into a group of opinions on certain issues without accounting for nuance, context or other details. Most of these charts fail to be exhaustive. For example, there is no "Authoritarianism" end of the chart to account for people who want a strong leader. There's no "Socialism" section for people who want the government to control industry.

It's also a misnomer to call these left or right. There are some issues, such as the government requiring people to work, that could be classified as either left or right wing depending on how you look at it. There are also many sociopolitical issues that these charts do not address at all. For example, there's no "Big Government is Useless" end of the chart. There's no "Religious Freedom" section on the chart for religions other than classical liberalism.

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